Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noah!

I can't believe my baby turned 9 yrs old on the 5th of July. Noah got to invite some friends to come play baseball and then stay for a sleepover.

We started the celebration by going to Walmart to pick out a cake. I usually make their cakes, but with things being kinda crazy around here we needed to go with plan B.

just to tell ya in case you didn't already know... cakes at Walmart are expensive!!! you bet i'll be makin' the next one!

At least it looked really cool!

Once the boys arrived we left for the fields to play some ball and eat pizza. Then we headed home to have that expensive cake and open presents.

Noah had plenty of help opening his gifts...

not like he needed any help... well, help with opening presents i should say... that boy always needs help!!!

Here Michael and Noah are opening the gift from Corbin with their teeth!

that boy cracks me up!

Ahhhhhh... SILLY BANDS!!!

After all the presents were opened there was still one more surprise. I had gotten some poppers, confetti poppers, and glow necklaces for some in the dark fun. When all the poppers were gone they played capture the flag in the dark with their glow necklaces on so they could see each other.

Then they played video games until midnight, when I just couldn't stay up any longer. About a half hour later we heard Michael yell, "Ya'll better stop rubbin' my head!!!"

Happy 9th Birthday, Noah!

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