Friday, May 29, 2009

Check It Out

Hey, just wanted to let you know about a new radio show that airs for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Luann goes to our church so I have personally been able to witness how God is richly blessing her ministry. So... check it out and feel free to call in and ask questions or offer your encouragement to others that may be listening.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squarefoot Garden Update

Here's an update on our garden. We have planted tomatoes and broccoli. I have also started some lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and cauliflower seeds. We will see how they do... the first time I tried to start the seeds they came up really fast... then died.

And we now have TOMATOES!!!

Our herb box is doing pretty well... The oregano didn't grow (probably had something to do with Mordecai digging in the box!) so I planted garlic in that square and it is growing. It was super easy to plant... just push a clove in the dirt!

Basil... growing well... but a little close together. (again probably Mordecai's fault!) I thought about trying to spread them out some, but I thought I would let them get a little bigger.

And for my favorite...cilantro. Man that stuff is growing like crazy. I noticed that some of the leaves look different now, kind of feathery. I looked it up on the internet and discovered that it was actually beginning to produce coriander and that it will bloom and produce seeds and that is where you get coriander seeds. Wow! who knew? (I'm guessing many people!)


We came up with a plan to keep Mordecai from eating our sunflowers. Out of our three original sunflower seeds this is the only one that made it. We have planted more and will be transplanting some of them in the next day or so. IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING!!!

I took a few pictures of our roses. Aren't they beautiful? I wish I could say that I planted them, but they were here when we bought the house.

We have also started a compost. Gasp! We have turned into one of those people!! It seemed a little difficult at first, knowing what to put it in and all, but I think I was over thinking it. It is pretty simple really. Ya, just gotta keep stirrin it! You can find out more about composting here and by just doing a little surfing.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book 4/12

The Yeast Connection and Women's Health

I just finished another book. This book has some eye opening information in it about the effects of an over growth of yeast in our bodies. I would recommend reading this book if you are struggling with any health issues as they may result from an over growth of yeast. Although, be prepared to make a pretty big lifestyle change to follow their advice/eating habits. I did learn some valuable information and plan to slowly implement some of it but, as of now I do not feel the need to be as restrictive as they suggest. At anytime I were to develop a life threatening illness I would immediately change my eating habits. They have a great informational website here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging Rock

Last weekend we went camping at Hanging Rock with a few families from our Sunday school class. We had plans to camp Friday night through Sunday morning, but because of the storms that came through Friday night and more storms coming through on Saturday night we decided to leave Saturday after dinner. After Friday nights storm a lot of our bedding was wet. Our tent leaked a little...but you learn as you time we know to put an extra tarp over our tent in addition to the one it came with.

Saturday was fun. We went hiking to the waterfalls and let the kids play in the water.

Mike, Noah and Joel putting their heads in the waterfall.

Seth, Noah and Shannon climbing down a huge rock.

Look at that dirty tired face...

Hey honey!...

On the way back from our hike.

These are a few pictures from the waterfalls...

Noah and Joel...

After everyone was back from hiking we started dinner. We all made dinner together while Matt told a story that went along with the dinner. We had "Stone Soup". It was all about everyone pitching in and working together... so one by one each person would add a little something to the pot at different times during the story, so that by the end of the story we had a huge pot of soup.

Cool picture of the kids through the smoke... It followed me everywhere and my hair still smells like a camp fire!!!


Friday night before we left to go camping Seth had another piano recital. He did a great job as usual. He loves to play the piano. His favorite thing to do is make up his own music. For his recital he played..."The Trumpet Song".

I can't get use to his new smile since having all those teeth pulled. Hopefully the other teeth will spread quickly!

I love this picture... he looks like a typical handsome musician!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Field Day

Thursday was our 2nd Annual Field Day with the Pinedale HSF Home School group. There were about eight different events...

The Hula...

Go "Seth"!


Pull Seth!

I'm not sure what this one was called but you basically race someone across the field while balancing a large ball on a tennis racket.

Seth thought it would be more fun to do this...

More Tug-of-War...

Look at this face... He looks like he's in pain...

The Cup Run...

I think Seth might be cheating here... I don't think you are suppose to cover the bottom of the cup with your hand.

Joshua was in charge of running the speed stacks station...

He also helped with set-up and clean-up.

The Sack Race...

Toothfairy now taking donations!

Wednesday, Seth had four...I repeat... four teeth pulled. He did great... no tears... in fact he said he almost laughed because of the movie they had playing. He said he felt no pain but was a little dizzy after they were done... you can still see it in his eyes in this picture that was taken when we got home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinedale HSF May Service Project


For our May service project we decided to go strawberry picking and then visit some of our shut-in friends. We put together baskets of fresh strawberries to deliver during our visits

It turned out to be a beautiful day...

We ended up having a great turn out for the service project...

Seth found this unique strawberry... it looked like an ant... see the eyes, nose and the pinchers at the bottom?... This is one of my favorite pictures of Seth... He looks soooo sweet!!!

What a blessing to be having fun with friends while also showing love to others. We ended up visiting 3 different homes, but I forgot to take pictures while we were there. Oh well, maybe next time! One of my favorite things about home schooling is the time I get to spend with my boys. I really do enjoy being with them as much as possible. (except for a few times when I threaten to put them on the yellow bus that comes right by our house before they are even out of bed!!!) The service projects that we do with our home school group are great because we are working together to show the love of Christ to those we are helping.