Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Pirates!

Noah has been playing baseball and boy does he love it! He is on the Pirates team. At the 2nd practice they gave him the name "Pit bull". They have an awesome coach and Noah has learned so much in just 6 games. In fact they are 6 and 0. Noah plays 2nd base. There is another kid on the team named Noah and he usually plays 1st base. When the "The Noah's" are on 1st and 2nd base there is no getting by those guys! Maybe there is something about that name and baseball... and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Noah's middle name was named after a guy who use to play for the braves.

This game was last Saturday. Yes, in the rain!!! I was able to get some great shots of him as all us moms and dads huddled together under a pop up tent.

Here he is playing 2nd base and he's ready!

Hey Noah!... what's a Pirates favorite letter?


Okay... He's up to bat... Show'um your mean face!

Run!... Noah!... Run!

Okay... about halfway through the game the coach told the boys that if they won this game they would go mud slidin. They won... so a mud slidin they went. After the game he had the team form a line behind the pitchers mound. One by one he let each boy run as fast as they could towards 2nd base and slide in the mud. Of course he took a turn too! It was hilarious!

These are the shots I got of Noah sliding.

The next time your at the fields be on the lookout for an undefeated, mud-slidin, pirate named Pit bull!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Karate Belt Test

On Friday Seth and Noah tested for their next belts in karate. I thought I would add a few pictures from the test. I've never post pictures before of their tests because it's really hard to get good pictures because at a test you have to be completely quiet and still so you don't distract any of the students in the middle of their test. Anyway, I did my best and this is what I got...

Seth putting on his sparring gear. He looks sooo cute with his mouth guard... you can't really see it clearly here, but take my word for it he does. I tried to put video of them sparring and doing their 1 min. drills, but it doesn't seem to be downloading right. (Those of you who have put video on your blog....NEVER MIND IT JUST FINISHED! YEAH!!!

This is Noah doing his 1min. Self-Defense Drill. (Turn up your volume.)

This video is of Seth sparring. It's kinda hard to tell, but he's the one with the red head gear and red chest protector.

Here is Noah doing a Kata. (See the panel of judges (blackbelts and higher) in the background?)

Seth doing his Kata.

Here they are after the belt test.

Look at those nice new belts. I am very proud of you guys... you were great!!! Look they even wore matching shirts under their Gi tops. I promise they did NOT do that on purpose!!!

As usual I have to end with a silly face from Noah.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Reunion

While we were at the beach we had a family reunion. It was really nice to see everyone again. We definitely need to do this more often.

Here is my grandmother (Nana) with her sisters...

Isn't that a great picture?...

What was that... you said Rachel?...

Whatever it was it must have been really funny! (You just had to be there to understand!)

And here is my mom with her cousins... Another great picture!

You can't go to the beach without hitting the outlet malls. It was kinda overcast this day so we decided to go shopping. This is a picture of me and my Nana.

And this is the sweetest picture ever!!!! (okay, everyone get ready to say Awwww!) My prince helping my Nana get to the next store. I was lagging behind and saw how cute that was and couldn't resist taking a picture.

Okay, a few last random shots from the our trip...

Joshua showing off a new trick he learned. He had been studying about the center of gravity.

Lastly, here is Noah on the lower deck of the house we rented. There is a lake behind the house we like to rent. The boys bought fishing poles and fished right off the decks. It is so nice to sit out there in the morning and drink coffee... doesn't get much better than that!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patriots Point, Naval & Maritime Museum

Okay, I've finally gotten time to post some more of our vacation pictures. Things have been really crazy around here with school work, baseball and the hubby having hernia surgery... but I think things are starting to slow down (I'm trying to be optimistic!)

Anyway back to our vacation... while at the beach we decided to take a day trip to Charleston to tour the aircraft carrier and the submarine at Patriots Point.

This is a really huge bridge that we were not suppose to cross, but at the time we didn't know that.

Our mistake did allow for a couple of cool photos.

Here is a shot of the bridge from Patriots point... once we got there.

Here she is... Aircraft Carrier, USS YORKTOWN... "The Fighting Lady"

Yorktown Played a significant role in the Pacific offensive which began in late 1943 and ended with the defeat of Japan in 1945. The 888-foot Yorktown displace 27,100 tons during World War II and carried a crew of 380 officers, 3,088 enlisted men, and an air group of 90 planes. In the 1950's, she was modified with the addition of an angled deck for jets, which increased her displacement to 41,000, and then she was converted to an antisubmarine carrier. She served in the Vietnam War in the 1960's and in 1968 recovered the Apollo 8 astronauts, the first men to reach the vicinity of the Moon. The Yorktown was relocated to Charleston and dedicated as a museum in 1975. (info. from museum brochure)

We all were able to climb into the cockpit of the TF-9 "Cougar" plane.

I know this is random... but, man I just couldn't resist adding this picture into the mix... I'm in love all over again!!!

Man, this museum sure does have a lot of handsome visitors...

A picture of all of us...

And one of just The Hubby and me...

Okay, okay, back to the museum... here we are on top of the aircraft carrier. Look at those clouds... aren't they amazing? (I did not alter this picture in anyway.)

This is kinda random too, only not as cute... This was on the floor (deck) of the aircraft carrier. I like it, well because I looks like a cross, its rustic looking and I thought I could print, frame and hang it some where in the house. What do you think? Maybe, when I have free time (there goes that optimism again!) it will be my next DIY project.

We liked this plane because it looks like a big ol' smiley face!

I really like this picture...

After we toured the aircraft carrier we went to the USS CLAMAGORE submarine. I was a little nervous about getting on the submarine because of not doing well in tight spaces. So I prayed and asked the Lord to help me be okay with it so that I could enjoy this with my boys... and He provided. But, boy was it tight and stuffy in there. They had fans (I'm guessing) set up to create a draft through the sub so it wasn't too bad. Best of all there was nobody on the sub with us. I know I could not have handled a crowd in that small of a space! Just take a look at how little the doorways are...

This was some control room. It was very narrow in there. This may have been the room that had a loud humming noise in it. We read a sign that said when the sub was in operation the humming would have been 10 times louder than what we were hearing. The temperature would have been around 120 degrees. I-NEVER-WOULD-HAVE-MADE-IT!!!

Another view of the doorways and all the STUFF surrounding you.

Here we climbed up one of the hatches... doesn't look too bad does it? WELL-YOU-DIDN'T-TRY-CLIMBING-IT!!! Don't let the smile of Joshua's face fool you. And yes, I did climb up there but we won't show that picture!

This picture is a little blurry, but still cute.

Yahoo!..I'm finally getting off this thing!... Ahem, I mean is it the end already? Darn, too bad.

Well, we come to the end of this days adventure. After looking through the gift shop we gathered for one more picture. Look at those tired eyes!

But not too tired for a goofy picture.

This ended up being a great trip together. I would recommend taking the time to visit there if you are ever near Charleston. I promise it won't be so long this time in between post. I still have one more post from our vacation that I still want to add. Also this week we have baseball games and karate belt tests coming up so I hope to get lots of great pictures.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Beach Trip

We're back!

Last week we went to the beach. It was sooo nice to get away and spend time having fun with the family. I may have to blog several posts about our trip since I took over 150 pictures... but no need to worry I'm not going to post all of them.

Here is Noah riding a wave with his boogie board.

Isn't he just too cute! Ahem, I mean handsome. Sorry Noah.

Here is Seth digging in the sand. Let me know when you reach China!

The boys walking on the sand.

In case you haven't figured it out by now... I looove profiles! (except my own!)

Daddy was showing something to the boys and I thought it would make a cute picture.

Oh, it looks like they found something. It was one of those little "things" that lives in a little shell and digs into the sand after a wave goes back out to sea. (I would try to be more specific but it's really late and I'm really tired... so that's the best I've got for now.)

I love this picture... what a lot of toes!

Noah found this really cool "thing" in the sand. (again it's late)

And finally it's this guy... these birds are so funny to watch. They will run behind a wave trying to eat as many of something (probably the little "thing" daddy found in the sand that I was talking about above) as they can before another wave comes. Their little legs go so fast it really is amazing. We called them the "Gotta Run Birds".

There is so much to share about our trip but again it's late, I'm tired and I have to get up early tomorrow sooo... I "Gotta Run"!