Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Awards Ceremony

Spring baseball has quickly come and gone. Fortunately, this season we discovered a baseball league like no other. "Sandlot" has been such a blessing to Noah and our family. This baseball league is a ministry that was started by a husband and wife team. They have a passion for kids and for baseball. The thing I think I like the most is that no one is turned away. When I say no one, I mean no one for any reason even if they have a disability.

All teams in the same age level play each other. They foster friendships with ALL players regardless of teams. If one team is short on players for a game they will pull a teammate from the opposing team to play on that team. It works because they are all friends.

Noah said his favorite thing about Sandlot is that there is not as much pressure. There is no angry yelling... from coaches, other kids, nor from parents. There is plenty of yelling though, along with lots and lots of encouragement.

Noah and Coach Mike at the awards banquet. 

After a two year break, because of our last experience with little league, we are very thankful we found Sandlot. I can honestly say I look forward to Fall Ball. You can find out more about Sandlot here.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Annual Strawberry Picking

It's strawberry time again! Every year we go strawberry picking with our friends the Chavolla's. This year we decided to try a new farm near where they live.

I can't wait to get these little yummies home and bake up something special.

Here is everyone waiting  to start picking. It was nice to have the whole gang together for once. Usually the guys miss all the fun because they are working. 

Stop trying to run from the camera! 

Little Alizeah. She is too cute!

Seth and Ezra have started picking.

Noah, on a mission. 

Zenobia and "Too Cool For School" Alizeah.

Some things never change!

The search continues.


Papa Ryals

Seth and Ezra still at it.

Eddie and Alizeah found some.

Noah and Daddy 

Seth still looking.

Daddy is doing pretty good with his bucket.

Daddy and Noah playing around.

We had lots of fun being with family and friends. Now if we can keep from eating them all before we make it home.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Seth's Spring Piano Recital

As usual Seth did a great job at his recital. This was a close one though. We almost didn't make it because he got into poison ivy again. His face was starting to swell, but he decided he had worked too hard to miss the recital over a little swelling. 

He played two songs. The first, which was a duet with his teacher, was "The Chicken Dance". "Pure Imagination" (you know... the charlie and the chocolate factory theme song) was the second. Of course he changed it up a little and made it his own. I loved it!

Well, shoot! I tried to upload the video, but for some reason it will not work... I think the file is too large because we recorded both songs together. Oh well, you will have to trust me when I say it was really good. And no, my opinion has nothing to do with me being his mother!

This is a good looking group.

Seth you did a great job and we are very proud of you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Annual Strawberry Picking Trip

Every year we enjoy going to pick strawberries at a local farm.

Each of the boys got their own bucket this year. I wanted lots of strawberries to bake with and have some extra to freeze.

Joshua filling his bucket. He was really fast.

The older he gets the harder it is to get a good picture of him. He hates to have his picture taken.... as you can tell.

And he's done.

Seth was on a mission to find the best strawberries he could.

About half way there.

Wow! That is an interesting find.

Wonder what causes that?

 Noah was around here and there filling his bucket.

Okay, there are some really weird strawberries here...

I'm just saying... look at that thing!!! No GMO's here RIIIGHT!

Looks like Noah is done too.

Everyone's basket is full and ready to go.

Here are a few sweet pictures of our strawberry picking friends Zenobia, Ezra, and little Alizeah.

 Alizeah, with her bucket.

Ezra, showing me a strawberry...

and a flower.

My favorite picture out of the hundreds that I took that day! SWEEET!

Ezra, playing with Joshua while we were standing around chatting.

Looks like Alizeah wants to join in on the fun too.

Well here is our strawberry stash. I guess we have some baking to do.

that is, if any make it home!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Williamsburg (part 2)

This is day two of our Williamsburg trip. We decided to visit Jamestown Settlement.

As you get closer to the settlement there are many places to pull off and read fascinating facts about the history that took place there.

 Evidently they have lively wild animals that are native to the area as well. We ran into a delusional black bear and...

a motionless deer. Oh Dear!

We learned a lot about the Powhatan Indians and the way they lived.

Here we are sitting in one of their huts.

This was for a small fire inside the hut.

They hung a lot of their tools and other belongings on the side of the hut and on the ceiling.

Noah taking a quick nap on their bed. It was surprisingly soft.

Cooking bowls and baskets.

The straw contraption hanging from the ceiling is actually a kind of fishing net. The fish swim into the larger opening and get trapped in the narrower end.

This is the outside of the huts. They remind me of something out of Star Wars.

This is where they did their cooking. This guy was telling all about their diet and how they would prepare the food.

Here is an example of some of the types of foods they would have eaten.

Cool pot... I love pottery.

So then we moved on to where the settlers lived.

I just couldn't stop looking at the buildings... the way they were constructed and their wonderful colors.

This nice lady was telling us about the history of the settlers and how they lived.

i wonder how many pictures of her there are?

I love this picture! (Look at the color of that building!) We met this inquisitive roaming rooster. He made sure you knew he was there. I think he liked all the hubbub.

Noah thought he would try to sneak up on him.

Loove it! I think I will make a few prints of these pictures and hang them somewhere in my house.

Seth sitting in a pew at church.

Looky whose preaching!

Like father like son. Hey Noah, you might want to wait until you are a little taller. I don't think anyone in the congregation can see you!

The majority of the pictures left are of the inside of the buildings.

Tobacco hanging from the ceiling to dry.

Now we walked over to where the ships were docked.

Seth, pretending to be a ships' mast that was getting hit by a canon ball.

I like the name of this ship.

A few pictures of the guys overlooking the water.

One of my favorite pictures of Seth.

The boys had fun exploring all through the ships.

The people who worked there were very knowledgeable about the time period.

Here we were learning about how they used these different tools to measure speed, determine direction, and measure the depth of the water.

These next few pictures are of their garden area. I thought it was kind of cool that they used raised beds. Also I noticed how they used straw, twigs, and larger branches as covering to protect the plants.

A few more pictures from the Indian village.

I want one!

Here we are learning how they made rope from plants.

Do you see it?

Look closely...

It's a heart.

Noah still trying to sneak up on that rooster. Mr. Rooster I would run if I were you.

I think someone needs some new shoes.

Mike and the boys trying on their armor.

I think the Indians had better beds.

Here is the kitchen building.

More hearts.

And lastly... the blacksmith.

This was a great family vacation. Very informative. I would definitely like to visit again sometime soon.