Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Awards Ceremony

Spring baseball has quickly come and gone. Fortunately, this season we discovered a baseball league like no other. "Sandlot" has been such a blessing to Noah and our family. This baseball league is a ministry that was started by a husband and wife team. They have a passion for kids and for baseball. The thing I think I like the most is that no one is turned away. When I say no one, I mean no one for any reason even if they have a disability.

All teams in the same age level play each other. They foster friendships with ALL players regardless of teams. If one team is short on players for a game they will pull a teammate from the opposing team to play on that team. It works because they are all friends.

Noah said his favorite thing about Sandlot is that there is not as much pressure. There is no angry yelling... from coaches, other kids, nor from parents. There is plenty of yelling though, along with lots and lots of encouragement.

Noah and Coach Mike at the awards banquet. 

After a two year break, because of our last experience with little league, we are very thankful we found Sandlot. I can honestly say I look forward to Fall Ball. You can find out more about Sandlot here.