Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mill Mountain Science Center

Sometimes life serves you lemons...

like finding a leak in your basement. Not just a leak, but one that had obviously been there for a while evident because of the black mold surrounding the area.

And to make matters worse someone in our family is highly allergic to mold... guess who?

that's right me!

So, while Mr. Handy Man himself demolished part of the wall in our school room I thought it best the boys and I hit the road. I was not waiting around to see what kind of yuck was on the inside of that wall.

We decided to head for Virgina to visit Granma and Bapa for a few days until the dust settled back home.

hopefully mold free dust

Another reason I love the blessing of homeschooling is when LIFE happens you can make adjustments as needed. So we just packed up most of our school supplies and hit the road. On the second day there the boys were getting a little cooped up so we decided to take an impromptu field trip.

We ended up at the Mill Mountain Science Center. Here Seth and Noah were trying to build nests like the birds do... it's a lot harder than it looks.

all i have to say is, if i were a momma bird the boys and i would be sleepin in the grass!

Seth looking at turtle shells.

They had this really cool bee hive indoors. The cool thing about it was the sound the bees made. If you put your ear up to the yellow tube you could hear their loud hum.

After exploring everything there was to find inside the science center we went outside to take a hike on one of the many trails.

The boys discovered a small playground and wanted to stop and rest/play there for a few minutes. Of course I thought of all these cool pictures that I wanted to take of them, so they humored me for a little while.

The boys climbing a small rock-wall slide.

Here are a few of the pictures I took of them.

The trail ended at the star.

This was the view at the star.

It was good to get some fresh air. We all had a good time together.

We continued our walk for a little while. The boys found walking sticks and had fun playing around with them... boys will be boys!

We missed daddy being with us, but thankfully he was working hard to clean up the mess. Looks like we discovered the leak before it got too bad. It was nice to have a change of scenery... it did me well!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 Airshow

Every year there is an airshow in our town, and every year we miss it. Well not this year. Finally we made it to the show!

Here the boys pose under a huge plane.

ya know the older they get the less cooperative they are at posing for pictures.

Boys looking at turbines.

Seth and Noah trying on all the gear.

After Noah saw me taking pictures, he decided he didn't really want to try it on anyway...Hmmmm.

Here is a plane getting ready to go up.

Below are pictures of just a few of the different stunts we saw while at the show.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is a person standing on that airplane.

It was pretty amazing (or crazy either one!) watching that lady ride on the outside of the airplane. She was doing all kinds of tricks. The plane even went straight up and up-side-down with her strapped on the top.

Here she is getting down after the ride. As you can see we saw many amazing feats at the airshow. I am really glad we finally made it to one. It was a nice day with the family.