Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Joy of Getting Older

Recently I started leading a small group bible study for moms, who are either thinking about homeschooling or are new to homeschooling. The study "Home Education 101" by: Vicki Bentley is a tool to encourage and equip new homeschoolers to "fish" for themselves. (statement taken from cover)

I think this would be a great study to offer every summer to new homeschoolers in our area. We have only gotten through the first lesson and already "I" have learned something.

One of the first things the author encourages you to do is to take the time to set goals for your child. She suggest you set Intellectual goals, Physical goals, Spiritual goals and Social goals for each child. I took quite some time going through each of these main goals for the three boys. Under each main goal I came up with three smaller goals.

While at our first class, I noticed that several of the moms had included their child in on this assignment. I thought that was a great idea and wondered why I hadn't thought about doing that too. So anyway I started over and this time I asked the boys for their input. I specifically asked them what they thought they needed to work on for each main goal.

Seth offered the most input. One of the very first things he said was that he wanted to learn to mow. I thought that was a great idea!

So today was his day! He was really excited to start learning this new skill. And since one of Joshua's goals is working on being able to teach others (his brothers), with patience,... he was able to give Seth his first mowing lesson.

He only mowed a few rows, but it was a great start. We are excited about his enthusiasm for work and desire to learn new things.

We are proud of you, Seth!

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