Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th celebration

For the Fourth of July, we usually celebrate by going to a local golf course with friends or family and watching the fire works. This year we were in VA visiting mom and dad. A local church, which overlooked the valley, was having a Fourth of July festival. It was fun. They had several of those blow-up, bounce house games for the kids.

One of them was this boxing ring. It was hilarious watching Seth and Noah trying to pick up those humongous boxing gloves! Noah could barely pick it up... it was like watching him in slow motion every time he tried to hit Seth.

This is not a very clear picture, but I liked this picture of Seth with the back-drop of the valley and mountains off in the distance.

i really would like a better camera. hinthint

Here is Seth jousting. Those things are a lot harder to do than they look.

Joshua patiently waiting his turn.

All the boys had fun!

After playing a few games and eating hot-dogs and hamburgers it was time to get a good seat for the fireworks. While we were waiting for the big show we had sparklers of our own.

which, as it turns out, we weren't suppose to have on the church property!... now c'mon do we really look like a rowdy bunch to you?

ahem, i mean, "luv ya dad!!!"

Anyway, back to the fireworks...

It was really cool to see the fireworks off in the distance. We could see about 4 or 5 different towns shooting off their fireworks.

I tried to get some good shots of the fireworks, but even with the fireworks setting on my camera they all turned out like this...

They do look kinda cool, though.

i would still loooove a new camera... hinthint... hinthint!

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