Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squarefoot Garden Update

Here's an update on our garden. We have planted tomatoes and broccoli. I have also started some lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and cauliflower seeds. We will see how they do... the first time I tried to start the seeds they came up really fast... then died.

And we now have TOMATOES!!!

Our herb box is doing pretty well... The oregano didn't grow (probably had something to do with Mordecai digging in the box!) so I planted garlic in that square and it is growing. It was super easy to plant... just push a clove in the dirt!

Basil... growing well... but a little close together. (again probably Mordecai's fault!) I thought about trying to spread them out some, but I thought I would let them get a little bigger.

And for my favorite...cilantro. Man that stuff is growing like crazy. I noticed that some of the leaves look different now, kind of feathery. I looked it up on the internet and discovered that it was actually beginning to produce coriander and that it will bloom and produce seeds and that is where you get coriander seeds. Wow! who knew? (I'm guessing many people!)


We came up with a plan to keep Mordecai from eating our sunflowers. Out of our three original sunflower seeds this is the only one that made it. We have planted more and will be transplanting some of them in the next day or so. IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING!!!

I took a few pictures of our roses. Aren't they beautiful? I wish I could say that I planted them, but they were here when we bought the house.

We have also started a compost. Gasp! We have turned into one of those people!! It seemed a little difficult at first, knowing what to put it in and all, but I think I was over thinking it. It is pretty simple really. Ya, just gotta keep stirrin it! You can find out more about composting here and by just doing a little surfing.

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Karen said...

We have a compost bin too! The kids love to collect items to go in the bin! I will try to call this week...