Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Weekend in Roanoke, VA

Last weekend we went to Virginia. While we were there we went to the strawberry festival down at the Market. The boys really enjoyed their strawberries over ice-cream topped with whip cream. I missed some great pictures because I left the camera back at mom and dad's house. Oh, well...

We also visited the new art museum. Here are some pictures... (I remembered the camera this time, yeah!) :0)

This is the outside of the very modern looking art museum. Later we found out that the building was designed to look like the surrounding mountains.

The H&C Coffee sign and the Dr. Pepper sign looked really cool from inside the art museum.

The Star

New Friends... "Packing Tape Guy" and "Purple Fuzzy-Furry Guy"... They didn't have to much to say though.

Oh, come on guys, give me a smile.

That's much better!

That's my man!

Here we are leaving the museum.

We like visiting Virginia. There are a lot of fun and educational things to see. It has many museums to visit and many other neat places to go.

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