Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging Rock

Last weekend we went camping at Hanging Rock with a few families from our Sunday school class. We had plans to camp Friday night through Sunday morning, but because of the storms that came through Friday night and more storms coming through on Saturday night we decided to leave Saturday after dinner. After Friday nights storm a lot of our bedding was wet. Our tent leaked a little...but you learn as you time we know to put an extra tarp over our tent in addition to the one it came with.

Saturday was fun. We went hiking to the waterfalls and let the kids play in the water.

Mike, Noah and Joel putting their heads in the waterfall.

Seth, Noah and Shannon climbing down a huge rock.

Look at that dirty tired face...

Hey honey!...

On the way back from our hike.

These are a few pictures from the waterfalls...

Noah and Joel...

After everyone was back from hiking we started dinner. We all made dinner together while Matt told a story that went along with the dinner. We had "Stone Soup". It was all about everyone pitching in and working together... so one by one each person would add a little something to the pot at different times during the story, so that by the end of the story we had a huge pot of soup.

Cool picture of the kids through the smoke... It followed me everywhere and my hair still smells like a camp fire!!!


Friday night before we left to go camping Seth had another piano recital. He did a great job as usual. He loves to play the piano. His favorite thing to do is make up his own music. For his recital he played..."The Trumpet Song".

I can't get use to his new smile since having all those teeth pulled. Hopefully the other teeth will spread quickly!

I love this picture... he looks like a typical handsome musician!!!

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Karen said...

Great Pictures.... I love Hanging Rock!! Yes.. I got your email with your #.. I will call you tonight or tomorrow!

P.S. I can't believe how long Seth's hair is!