Monday, September 28, 2009

Karate Belt Test

On Friday Seth and Noah tested for their next belts in karate. I thought I would add a few pictures from the test. I've never post pictures before of their tests because it's really hard to get good pictures because at a test you have to be completely quiet and still so you don't distract any of the students in the middle of their test. Anyway, I did my best and this is what I got...

Seth putting on his sparring gear. He looks sooo cute with his mouth guard... you can't really see it clearly here, but take my word for it he does. I tried to put video of them sparring and doing their 1 min. drills, but it doesn't seem to be downloading right. (Those of you who have put video on your blog....NEVER MIND IT JUST FINISHED! YEAH!!!

This is Noah doing his 1min. Self-Defense Drill. (Turn up your volume.)

This video is of Seth sparring. It's kinda hard to tell, but he's the one with the red head gear and red chest protector.

Here is Noah doing a Kata. (See the panel of judges (blackbelts and higher) in the background?)

Seth doing his Kata.

Here they are after the belt test.

Look at those nice new belts. I am very proud of you guys... you were great!!! Look they even wore matching shirts under their Gi tops. I promise they did NOT do that on purpose!!!

As usual I have to end with a silly face from Noah.

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Jamaica09 said...

Yeah.......congrats you guys!! They looked great and Amanda, you ddi great on the video and pictures! Keep up the good work, boys!! :) Love you! Kathy