Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Pirates!

Noah has been playing baseball and boy does he love it! He is on the Pirates team. At the 2nd practice they gave him the name "Pit bull". They have an awesome coach and Noah has learned so much in just 6 games. In fact they are 6 and 0. Noah plays 2nd base. There is another kid on the team named Noah and he usually plays 1st base. When the "The Noah's" are on 1st and 2nd base there is no getting by those guys! Maybe there is something about that name and baseball... and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Noah's middle name was named after a guy who use to play for the braves.

This game was last Saturday. Yes, in the rain!!! I was able to get some great shots of him as all us moms and dads huddled together under a pop up tent.

Here he is playing 2nd base and he's ready!

Hey Noah!... what's a Pirates favorite letter?


Okay... He's up to bat... Show'um your mean face!

Run!... Noah!... Run!

Okay... about halfway through the game the coach told the boys that if they won this game they would go mud slidin. They won... so a mud slidin they went. After the game he had the team form a line behind the pitchers mound. One by one he let each boy run as fast as they could towards 2nd base and slide in the mud. Of course he took a turn too! It was hilarious!

These are the shots I got of Noah sliding.

The next time your at the fields be on the lookout for an undefeated, mud-slidin, pirate named Pit bull!

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