Friday, June 4, 2010

Field Day

Last month our home school group had field day.

i know i'm really behind. i have about four posts worth of pictures waiting patiently on my computer to be blogged.

The boys LOVE field day!

Balloons for the three-man slingshot.

There were lots of events that involved these innocent looking hula-hoops.

The Hula event. Who can hula the longest with their your arm...


and around...

your neck!

Here is Seth in the Carpet Square race. You pick up a carpet square. Turn around. Lay it down. hop onto it.

Repeat those steps until you get to the finish line.

This event was the Cup Race. It was fun to watch Noah be SO determined to win this race. You start at one end with a bucket of water and a cup. Dip the cup into the bucket of water, run across the field to the next bucket, and then dump your cup into that bucket. At the end of time, whoever has the most water in their bucket wins. The thing you can see here is that the cup has holes in the bottom of it. You can see Noah trying his best to cover the holes!

This was a fun event. I don't know what to call it, but anyway... You have a plunger attached to a small rubber ball and an obstacle course. The kids had to start out by spinning 10 times then running through the course while holding the ball to their chin. Seth did very well on this event.

Noah on the other hand...

had a little trouble with this one. This really is harder than it looks. They had to run between these cones and jump over those totes. If you dropped the ball... Ahem, Noah ...then you had to spin around 10 times again and start where you left off.

The Soccer Race was more Noah's thing. He's got his game face on. I have a feeling someones going down!

Look at him watching his opponent.

He did really well in this event.

In this race you had to roll the hula-hoop down the field and around a cone with a noodle. Much harder to do than you would think.

Monster Golf!

The hole was a bucket!

Field day just wouldn't be complete with out Tug-of-War.

I don't think I would mess with him if I were you.

This has been Noah's favorite event ever since he first participated in field day.

That's all I heard about for days before field day.


After all the events were over there was one last group event.

The three-man sling shot. Or in this case... just-see-how-high-you-can-get-the-balloon-into-the-air, event.

All the kids lined up and tried to catch the launched water balloon.

There's no better way to end a hot and sweaty field day... then by being WET, hot and sweaty!


Karen said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Sounds like you have a great homeschool group thats very organized!! Are you all finished with school for the year? Any fun summer plans?

The Ryals said...

Karen, We are pretty much finished. We are still going to do some math here and there throughout the summer. We have a lot going on with baseball, musical at church, and camp. So, yes we are going to be really busy with lots of fun stuff. I hope to squeeze a vacation in there somehow!!! Hope you guys are doing well and have a great summer. We really need to get the kids together. We should plan to meet at the park one day. Just let me know.