Friday, May 21, 2010

Grandparents Night

At our church every Wednesday night the kids have what is called "Recess". Recess, is suppose to be a fun outreach time where the kids invite other kids to church and they have a short lesson and then play some fun games. Every Wednesday has a different dress code. Sometimes its something like parents night (you dress like your parents), robot night, red (or some other color) night, hat night, tie night... and so on... you get the picture, right?

Last Wednesday night was Grandparents night. So Noah is here dressed like his bapa.

i thought it was cool when i found this shirt in joshua's closet, cause it looks just like a shirt his bapa has!!!

He insisted on having a mustache even though his bapa doesn't have one.

i think he looks pretty good with a 'stache!

Seth dressed up too, but his mom was rushing around trying to get ready for church and didn't get a chance to take a picture of him.

i know, bad mom!

Anyway... Moving on... Seth had on a suit coat with a tie and he carried a CANE! I don't know where he got that idea from. He looked really funny trying to walk across the parking lot with it.

They really like dressing up. They get candy at the door if they are in dress code. If they bring a friend with them then they get five tickets. Their name goes on the tickets and then it goes into a VW Bug, named Cosmo.

yes, a real one. it was used in a production the kids did several years ago.

At the end of summer they have a drawing and the kids' ticket that's drawn gets to take home the big prize. One time it was a scooter. Then there was a flat-screen TV, tickets to Carowinds, and more that I can't remember.

pretty cool, huh?

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