Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Someone's turned 40!

no! not me, silly!

On the 23rd my best friend turned 40. My husband, Mike, has been the great strength behind me, gently encouraging me along the path that God has me traveling. And where does he get that strength?... from the Lord of course. What I love most about him is his stance for the truth, reliance on the Lord and his love/dedication to his family. He is not perfect. But God knew he would be perfect for this imperfect girl.

We wanted to make his birthday special.

The boys started hanging the streamers...

...all over the house!

It was fun to see their creative minds at work.

I would have totally done it differently. I'm glad I let them go and do whatever they wanted. It turned out sooo much better than I would have done.

Some friends came over and brought dinner already cooked. YAHOO!

i thought only the birthday person got a gift. thanks chris and jennifer!

Mike blew as hard as he could, but there was one stinkin' candle that was determined to not go out.

that's a lot of candles, y'all!


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Karen said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Sounds like a great day... love the candles.. I always wanted to try those :)