Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skiing Fun

I know... I know... in the last post I was saying how I couldn't wait for spring, and that is true, but when you have an opportunity to go skiing you just can't pass that up. Especially when a group of your friends are going!

This past Monday our family went skiing and had a blast. This was our 3rd annual trip and has quickly become one of our favorite traditions.

Here is Seth, he decided to try snowboarding this year. He loved it! I could not believe how quickly he pick it up. He even went down the black diamond slopes.

Joshua and one of his friends Caleb.

After lunch it warmed up so much most of us were shedding our coats. This picture looks like it was taken at the beach!

Say hi to my friend, kathy.

And my friend Pam and two of her daughters.

Then there was Noah... he has become quite a confident skier.

a little too confident if you ask me!

A few days after our trip we were in the car reminiscing, when Noah bragged about going on the DOUBLE black diamond slope. I freaked out! He's only been skiing THREE! times. He informed me that he spent most of the afternoon on that slope. (with a friend thankfully) Then to make matters worse Joshua pipes up and says, "Yeah mom it was the one that was roped off and had a big caution sign that said for ADVANCED skiers only!!!!"

who's raising that child? oh, i guess that would be my job! SHEESH!

We had a great time and can't wait to go next year!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics!! I SOOOOOOOO can't wait to go again!!!