Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lil' Grandfathers Tree Farm

Sunday, December 6th we went to the mountains to get a Christmas tree. We went along with another family and we had a great time together. Going to the mountains for our tree is something we have done as a family for several years now. We love it! The tree farm we went to this year was new to us, but it was great.

The day before our trip it snowed in the mountains, so it was a nice surprise and a beautiful view. It really put me in the Christmas mood.

In small towns you have to be careful to obey all their laws or you might end up here...

At the tree farm they also had horses. Seth really enjoyed riding the horse.

i was sad, cause they wouldn't let me ride it! :o(

And he enjoyed playing with this horse.

Joshua did too... until this happened...

this is why it's a good idea to read signs!!

Next we took a hay-ride to the field of trees.

Our friends kids... aren't they cute!

Did I mention it snowed the day before?


The trees were beautifully dusted with powdery snow.

Part of the tradition the boys like the best is when we get to the field they like to run through the trees playing tag. This year because of the snow they threw snowballs at each other.

Like I said, it was cold so we didn't take too long picking out a tree. As usual I wanted a big fat tree and Mike wanted a skinny little tree. The tree we picked out looked really scrawny to me but I was too cold to argue and put up a fight.

you win this year honey!

Our tree being tagged...

...and cut down. I almost didn't get this picture. Those guys were fast!

Here we are on our hay-ride back to the main building to pick up our tree and get some hot apple cider YUM! and hot chocolate DOUBLE YUM!

We really had a great time in spite of the cold. This is one of my most favorite Christmas traditions.

Oh, here's a sneak-peek at my next post... "Decorating the Tree"

What you are looking at is the top of our tree. Notice the white bumpy stuff? That's our popcorn ceiling! You see trees look a lot smaller out in a huge field surrounded by other trees... and to think we had gotten a scrawny tree.

looks like I win again, sorry honey!!!

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