Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Garden Update

I had big plans for my first "Fall Garden". Unfortunately when school started everything including the garden fell by the way side. So here is what we have to date... lettuce (which is growing pretty good), cauliflower (which has been half eaten by rabbits) and 1 radish (which is not pictured here because I had already pulled it.) Even the mum I planted in the center is dying. :o(

Here is the one radish that made it... well sorta...

look closely and you can see the teeth marks from some animal.

It was a tasty little radish though! you don't think I'd let a little squirrel or rabbit stop me from eating my first home grown radish do you? of course there wasn't much left after cutting away the teeth marks!

Now remember the surprise cherry tomato plant that grew out of my compost bin? Well it is growing like crazy!

Look at all these cute little guys... in a few days they will be perfectly ripe to go with the lettuce from the garden.

I peeked at Seth's sweet potato plant and I actually saw a few buried in the dirt. Shhhh don't tell Seth I want him to be surprised when he goes to dig them up.

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