Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's New

First of all we say goodbye to a dear friend. April (seated in front) is one of the "Dojo Girls" and she will be greatly missed. Her husband is in the military and they have moved to Maryland. We decided to take her out to dinner to say goodbye. Only about half of the girls could make it but we still had a good time and managed to not cause too much trouble. Believe it or not we were not the loudest ones there.(Sensei would never believe it!!) Over the past few years we have had many good times of sharing, crying and laughing until we cried. I am very blessed. I know that God has a plan for April and her sweet family... I pray that she will quickly get settled in and that God will surround her with many friends. I can't wait to here all about her new adventures. We will miss you girly!


My cilantro has dried out and I have harvested all of the seeds. Seth took this picture of me while we were taking the seeds off.

The tomatoes keep coming... I love seeing them in my window sill. I did discover (the hard way) that as soon as your tomatoes start turning orange you should pick them and then let them ripen in your window sill or the birds / squirrels will take a bite out of them. I've picked about 3 or 4 cucumbers so far and they are delicious.

Hey, by the way, I found my camera (it was hiding out in the couch???)... as you can tell by the following clear closeup of one of my "maters"!

And... remember this?...

It is going very well. Luann and Ramona are doing a great job with this ministry. I really encourage you to take the time one Saturday @ 2pm and listen to the show. Also check out the website here for daily devotions written for that weeks topic. This week you might just see someone there you know?!? This is a new adventure that God is leading me on... so check it out and let me know what you think by either commenting here or at Encouragement Cafe'.

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Karen said...

Your tomatoes look great!! I love the sign they are sitting in front of too :) Hope you all are well!