Monday, July 20, 2009

DIYP (Do-it-yourself-projects) Message Board/Key Holder

Last Saturday the boys and I decided to go check out some yard sales. Just let me say... I got the FEVER again! About 5 or so years ago we would go every weekend... I loved it! ... but for some reason we just kinda stopped going. Anyway... like I was saying we went out and found a few cool deals. FYI... You really need to have a budget and stick to it or you will get sucked in and spend way to much money on STUFF you don't really need.

Now... we have lived in our current home for a little over a year and the walls are still bare. So my purpose (always have a purpose) was to find inexpensive (but useful) things to decorate with. This is what I found... FOR $4

It's great because I could add pictures of our family, have an excuse to use chalkboard paint and have a place for our keys. (Because sooome of us can't keep up with our keys... I won't mention any names, ahem DADDIO!)

I changed out the pictures...because my guys look better! ... and painted the mirror with chalkboard paint. Here it is with pic's and paint...

I am going to use the chalkboard side as a message board for that "What's for Dinner?" question. You know the one... that comes every evening about 5 or 6 o'clock and is usually followed by a "Aaaaw chicken, aaagain!?!"

Here it is all finished. I also took a brown marker and colored in some of the little dings it had and you can't even see them.

Sooo... want to know "What's for Dinner" tonight?


You guessed it...


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Karen said...

Very Cute ! I love it :)