Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Update

For my garden update I have some good and bad news. Okay, lets start with the bad news first...

See these empty squares?

That was where we had broccoli planted. It was growing fine... the main head had gotten to about the size of a grapefruit... then all of the sudden it decided it wanted to flower. As soon as I saw my broccoli blooming I ran inside and Googled "WHY IS MY BROCCOLI BLOOMING?" Well, come to find out that broccoli is a fall crop (can you tell me WHY they have seeds for sell in the spring/summer? sheesh!) and grows best in 65-75 degree weather. Once it starts blooming it is pretty much worthless. I did try cutting away the bloomed part and putting dried leaves around the base of the plant to try to keep the roots cool but as you can see it didn't work! Sooo out with the old and in with some new. I just bought some zucchini seeds that I will plant in the next day or so. (and yes, I did make sure this was the right time of year to plant them, thankyouverymuch!)

More Sunflower Woes
Man, not having great luck with sunflowers this time... again they were growing just fine until the birds decided this was they're new convenient store. (aka Sunny Mart) Now look at them... not so sunny anymore are they? :0(

Okay, enough already lets get to the good news which is...

Our tomatoes are turning red! Mike had one just yesterday on his sandwich for lunch and he said it was yummy (no... he didn't really say "yummy" that's my word... actually he said it was the "bomb"!)

Anyway, excuse all the blurry pictures I had to use Joshua's camera and it didn't like closeups. I guess I was using my camera too much because it decided it needed a break and has gone into hiding. So if you see a lonely camera wandering the streets would you let me know please?

We've got lettuce!!! I plan on eating some of it tomorrow...YUM!

Here I was trying to show off our first cucumber, but again Joshua's camera didn't want to cooperate.

Look at our cucumbers go! We built a trellis so they could grow up instead of all through our yard. It was easy to build... you just need 1x2in boards, (we had left overs from making the cover for our herb garden) some wide width chicken wire, staple gun and some screws or nails to attach the trellis to the box. Oh yeah, make sure you put the trellis on the north side of the box, which also means you will need to plant your plants on the same side. This is so there will not be a shadow on the rest of your box and shade your other plants.

And this is what it looks like when you're done...

Our herbs are still going strong... Some have grown a little...

and others have taken off!

I'm in the process of letting the cilantro/coriander dry out so I can harvest the seeds and use them to plant more and to save some seeds for next year.

The basil is still growing strong. I'm going to make some basil salad dressing soon; I'll let you know how it turns out.

And then there's this pot...

I planted these seeds a few weeks ago and didn't label it and yeah you guessed it... I forgot what it was I planted. Sooo, if anyone has a good guess let me know and who knows... if your right maybe I'll give you some of our veggies from our garden. :0)

And last but not least... MORDECAI! He's been a very good puppy lately. He likes to walk with my every morning to water the garden. He's a good friend!

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