Saturday, May 11, 2013

Annual Strawberry Picking

It's strawberry time again! Every year we go strawberry picking with our friends the Chavolla's. This year we decided to try a new farm near where they live.

I can't wait to get these little yummies home and bake up something special.

Here is everyone waiting  to start picking. It was nice to have the whole gang together for once. Usually the guys miss all the fun because they are working. 

Stop trying to run from the camera! 

Little Alizeah. She is too cute!

Seth and Ezra have started picking.

Noah, on a mission. 

Zenobia and "Too Cool For School" Alizeah.

Some things never change!

The search continues.


Papa Ryals

Seth and Ezra still at it.

Eddie and Alizeah found some.

Noah and Daddy 

Seth still looking.

Daddy is doing pretty good with his bucket.

Daddy and Noah playing around.

We had lots of fun being with family and friends. Now if we can keep from eating them all before we make it home.

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