Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden Update

A few weeks ago we were sowing seeds... and now look at we got...

We bought broccoli and cabbage plants. They are getting pretty big, but no broccoli or cabbage head yet. The onions we bought are called Plyer onions. (i think) They are about the size of a radish and you just break them open and plant the little parts. Each little part will root. Pretty easy!

I bought two kinds of lettuce. Leaf lettuce and Butter-crunch. These were the seeds we were planting two weeks ago.

See the larger lettuce above? That is actually from last year!!! I noticed something green starting to poke out of the dirt in one of the pots on my deck. I decided to leave it.

really i thought it was a weed and was just to lazy to pull it out.

Well it turned out to be lettuce.

i knew it all along.

Something new I'm trying this year are peas. I bought these as seeds and sowed them right into the ground. They are growing really fast. Everyday they get a little taller.

Last week we went back to our favorite new farming supply store. We bought tomato plants(Roma and Better Boys), marigolds, zucchini plants, squash plants, green bean seeds (bush tenderette beans) and a rosemary plant. We transplanted the two roma tomatoes and marigolds today. We sowed two more squares of half long carrots and leaf lettuce.

We transplanted two cauliflower plants that we grew from seeds. One looks okay, but the other one doesn't look so hot. We will see how they turn out. It's all trial and error with lots of reading and planning. I know it will be worth it in a month or two when I'm grocery shoppin' in my back yard!

I can hardly wait!

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