Friday, April 2, 2010

Book 5/13

I finished the square foot gardening book. I told you I was flying through it. I am so glad I broke down and bought this book. The resources in this book are invaluable. My favorite part of the book are the charts in the back of the book. I also like the fact that you can look up a certain vegetable and there is a quick reference page that tells you all about how to grow that vegetable.

Here's whats going on so far in my homemade planters...

Leaf Lettuce and Butter-crunch Lettuce... I can't wait to have fresh lettuce. I look forward to trying the butter-crunch lettuce. I've never had it before.

The oregano is sprouting, but it is really tiny. I didn't bother taking a picture of it.

And here above and below are Marigolds. They are growing strong. I don't particularly care for Marigolds, but I have been told they are great to help keeps the bad bugs away from the other crops. I plan on planting one plant in each corner of the boxes and one in the middle. We'll see how good of a job they do. I'm trying my best to not use any pesticides on the garden.

I can't wait to see when the carrots and radishes start poking through.

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Karen said...

You are doing great on your reading goal!! I really like this style of gardening... I may try it when we move. I can't decide if I should plant anythin in our garden since we are moving.. Oh well~ You will be enjoying some yummy fresh veggies :)