Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Days

Here are some pictures from the Last time it snowed. It snowed a little less than an inch, but the boys were determined to make the most of it. I on the other hand was admiring the beauty from my warm kitchen still in my pj's. This was taken around 8:00am unfortunately most of the snow was gone by noon.


Karen said...

I love the hats....did you make those???

Amanda said...

I did make the hats. A friend introduced me to the "Nifty Knitter" and it is sooo cool. (I'm cracking up as I type this!) I do most of my knitting at the Dojo (We are there 2hrs twice a week.) with about 8 other moms. We all knit together and all the Karate people laugh at us!!! Since Christmas I have made about 10 hats and three scarves. We are donating them to a local missions(Scarves for Hope)and to an orphanage in China. It can get quite addicting!