Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Noah's Birthday Party

This year for Noah's birthday party he wanted a cake from Baskin-Robbins.


He had several of his closest friends come to help celebrate this special day.

Time for presents. Yeah! A nice new football.

And a few Halo action figures and legos.

Now for the big one from mom and dad. What could be in such a big box?

Another box of course! Look at that paper fly. And what do you think could be in that box?

You guessed it... a third box.

pay no attention to the wrapping. This was a last minute idea and I ran out of paper. I just had to roll with what I had!

Okay, back to the boxes. Surly, there is a present in this box. Right?

NOT YET! But finally there is something other than a box.

What is this?... A note from the TOOTH-FAIRY???? Evidently, the tooth-fairy has been slack on her job of collecting Noah's most recently lost teeth and has decided to make up for it by leaving a birthday present under his pillow.

WOW! How did she know you really wanted a rip-stick. Happy birthday, Noah!

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