Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Trip - Blowing Rock

Last weekend we took a day trip to the mountains.

For lunch we ate at the Mellow Mushroom. YUM!

Some of us could hardly wait for the food. I wont name any names...


Then we went shopping... window shopping that is. There were quite a few unique shops to browse through. One of our favorites was this hat shop, which we almost got kicked out of, because we were trying on all the hats. Seth's sombrero was so massive it almost didn't fit down the aisle.

wouldn't he make a handsome matador?

Our next stop was Mystery Hill. We have heard a lot about this house where gravity supposedly defies the laws of nature. You can read more about it here.

All of these pictures are taken straight and yes they are really leaning that far.

Here is a picture of Seth standing in the doorway. Cool huh?

It was really hard to walk across the room with out falling over. I wasn't able to go all the way in the room, because of issues with my ears and equilibrium. When I first walked into the room I immediately got dizzy, so I decided to stay in the doorway and take pictures.

This was a cool shot of Joshua going down the stairs.

Seth going up...

..and then down.

This was their favorite part of the whole trip.

can you tell?

In another room there were illusion type brain games/puzzles...

... and bubbles. We stayed here a long time trying to get the bubble completely around Noah. This is the closest we got. We thoroughly enjoyed this day getaway, even though we never made it to the actual mountain!

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