Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School

Another school year has begun. We hit the books (running!) mid August. There is never a dull or slow moment when homeschooling three boys. Joshua is now a sophomore in high school. This will be Seth's first year of middle school and Noah is in the 4th grade. I am learning so much!

like i should've paid more attention in school!

Two of my favorite subjects at the "Ryals Academy" are Fieldtrips and Service Projects! Our first field trip was to a local Alpaca farm.

Alpacas are members of the camel family. They are indigenous to South America. Alpacas are raised for their soft fleece.

I think we caught this guy still eating breakfast.

kinda looks like me before my morning coffee!

It was so hot, this guy decided to skip the fanfare and hang out in the tub.

This was a fun beginning to a new school year.

Once a week the boys go to a class with other homeschoolers. This is the highlight of their week. One thing I love about the class is that every week they have to do a 2-3 min. presentation. This week their presentation was on poetry. They were instructed to find and present on a funny poem or story.

We found the poem, "Friends" by David Harrison online. I thought it would be great for Seth and Noah to present together, because I am always talking to them about being best friends. We added a little something to make it even more entertaining. (if you are viewing this from your email, you will have to click the link at the bottom of this email to go to the blog to view the video.)

I didn't realize I hadn't turned on the camera, so I missed the first little bit, but it's still really cute!

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